Auto injuries and work-related injuries can often result in chronic pain and many are under the misunderstanding that the best and most effective method for treating pain is through the use of prescribed opioids. However, opioids are meant to utilized in order to manage pain for a short term period to manage temporary pain from something like a broken bone or a surgical procedure, for instance.

The rise of opioid sales in the United States has seen a correlating rise in opioid-related drug pharmacy overdoses resulting in death. Some of this comes from intentional abuse, but some is the result of not understanding the dangers.

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Consumer Reports provided three misconceptions that consumers have regarding opioids:

  1. The misconception that opioids work well for chronic pain. They do not because they don’t treat the pain; they simply mask it.

  2. The misconception that opioids are not addictive when used to treat pain. They are very addictive. Some clean studies report that nearly 25% of those who are prescribed opioids wind up addicted to them.

  3. The misconception that extended release opioids are safer. Actually, extended release opioids are preferred among those who abuse drugs.

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These misconceptions and other misunderstandings lead people to overuse and abuse drugs for pain. There are other, drug-free options for managing your pain. Pain medications simply mask the pain, but don’t treat it. Don’t just mask your pain; treat your pain through available drug-free methods and get relief for your federal workers compensation injury.