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Timely Reporting Policy


It’s important to know your company’s injury or incident reporting policy, particularly with regards to timing. In a recent case involving US Steel, the DOL and the United Steel Workers Union, it was determined that some of the parameters demanding immediate reporting were unnecessary or should at least be revisited. The court case regarded two [...]

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Compensation Overview


If you’re a federal worker who has been injured on the job, you need to know that the federal government is immune to lawsuits regarding your injury. This, however, does not mean that as an employer the federal government is not responsible for providing comprehensive workers compensation to its employees. If you have been injured [...]

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5 Reasons Your Federal Workers Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated


The talented team at recently published an article that should prove helpful to federal government employees who have been injured while performing duties associated with their employment. The article, entitled "5 Reasons Your OWCP Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated" discusses some of the common missteps injured federal workers make that jeopardize their claim. For [...]

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Work-Related Injury, Baseball Style


When it comes to injury-causing hazards in the workplace, it seems hard to imagine a more grueling schedule than that of a Major League baseball player. Playing three-hour long games 162 times a year (not including the playoffs) is enough to wear and tear down the toughest of bodies. Major League Baseball players experience an [...]

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Million Mile Safe Driving Award


Rutland #Vermont Branch 495 letter carrier Jim McCarroll recently was presented a million-mile safe driving award. — Letter Carriers (@NALC_National) June 20, 2016

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The War on Workers’ Compensation


An article recently published at discusses the latest efforts of our political leaders to reduce the benefits and rights of injured workers. We've summarized the article below, but we encourage you to visit the link at the bottom of this post to read the article in its entirety. Though employers have long been willing [...]

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