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Medical Attention After an Auto Accident


Stories abound of people who have been in a what seemed like a minor accident with just some cuts and bruises only to find out that they have suffered some serious injury to their neck or back that didn’t present immediately. If you you’ve been in a car accident, you probably know that the symptoms [...]

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Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)


Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) It’s extremely common to see the acronym FECA when you’re dealing with your workers compensation claim or related documents. In an effort to ensure clarity and present information without making assumptions, it seemed like a good idea to offer a quick understanding of FECA. FECA stands for the Federal Employees’ [...]

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Choosing Your Own Medical Provider


As a federal worker who's been injured on the job, it’s important to understand that one of your most important rights is the right to choose your own medical provider. Your employer can make suggestions about your medical provider and even provide you with emergency treatment at a medical provider of their choice, but ultimately, [...]

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The Importance of the Employee Statement


There are several requirements and steps to successfully filing CA-2 Claim if you’ve been injured on the job as a federal worker and the importance of the Employee Statement can not be understated. In many cases, the Employee Statement is a crucial component in winning your workers’ compensation case. So what makes up a quality [...]

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Mileage Reimbursement


As an injured federal worker, you are entitled to various reimbursements and payments. Most, like medical bills, rehabilitative services fees, and prescriptions, are obvious, but others are lesser known. One of the lesser known reimbursement entitlements for injured federal workers is the mileage that you incur travelling to your medical appointments, rehabilitative treatments, medical testing, [...]

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Do I Have to Take an Ambulance?


It happens all the time. Witnesses see a car accident and the first reaction is to call 9-1-1, which is a good thing in case someone is injured. Of course, once emergency services are dispatched, they will send a crew prepared and ready to assist with any possible injury. This includes an ambulance. Some victims [...]

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Don’t Get Your Benefits Canceled Prematurely


If you've been injured at work, the OWCP (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs) assures that temporary benefits are available to federal workers, however, the temporary nature of OWCP benefits motivate the office to return workers to the job as soon as possible. For this reason, federal workers need to understand what kinds of issues can [...]

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Terms to Know


Anytime you are communicating with a government agency or reviewing government documents related to your workplace injury claim, its important to know what you’re talking about and to understand the terms that are being used. Knowing what you are talking about can make the difference in getting hung up in a battle of words with [...]

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Understand Your Rights


Federal employees cannot sue the federal government in cases related to an injury sustained on the job. This does not mean that, as an employer, the federal government is not obligated to provide comprehensive workers compensation to their employees. If you are a federal worker and you have sustained an injury on the job, you [...]

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Reporting Safety Violations


Workplace safety is key in protecting employees from being subjected to hazardous work environments. The truth is, employees are often conflicted about how to handle safety violations in their workplace. First, there is the fear of being fired or otherwise subjugated by their employer or fellow employees who may also afraid of repercussions. New OSHA [...]

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